About Me

I was born in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri and one of my earliest memories as a child was when I was about four years old. With me and my grandfather sitting on his front porch with a little cup of Playdo. I remember very vividly my grandfather taking the red colored Playdo, rolling it around in his hands and manipulating it for a short time. When he had stopped he showed me that he made the giraffe that was silhouetted on the side of the container—I was hooked.

As an adolescent I would take my battery operated toys apart. Take out the motors, put a small ball of modeling clay on the gear of the motor, connect the motor to a 9-volt battery and use a sewing needle to make miniature pots. Having done this I always wanted to do this on a larger scale.

In 2003 I got an itch to work with clay and went out and purchased some modeling clay. I worked with this clay for a few weeks making some small figures but, quickly grew bored with it. What I was really wanting to do was to work with a clay body that needs to be fired in a kiln. So, I found a store near by and went there to purchase some clay. As I went through the front door of this store I saw a potters wheel in the center of the sales floor. As soon as I saw this pottery wheel I had a flash back of all the times I had made the miniature pots with a sewing needle and it was time to make pottery on a larger scale. My eagerness and determination led me to purchase a potters wheel before taking any type of introductory courses to pottery. No, I had to jump in with both feet immediately. I spent the first few months learning the fundamentals before I enrolled into a local community college pottery class.